Yes you can!


In the performance Yes you can! caffeine mixed with powder sugar is offered to be snorted in bright daylight in a public place. The piece talks about the hypocrisy surrounding the discussion of addicts and addictions. Drinking coffee is socially acceptable and you can also buy it everywhere. In a situation where the drug called caffeine would be banned, coffee addicts would face a problem due to the illegality of their daily dose. We would soon see coffee smuggling and a drop in the quality of the product. Why some drugs are legal and others aren´t, is not only a question of health risk of the drug, it is also a question of: Who is the customer? If the principal users of Viagra weren’t older white men using it, would probably land you time in jail.

Manifesta 11 Zurich, Cabaret der Künstler-Zunfthaus Voltaire 2016

Art Fair Suomi 17




















































































































































































































































































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