The other one loves the night

Reino Helismaa’s song Päivänsäde ja menninkäinen (The Goblin and the Ray of light) is a touching classic and one of the first ”Love gone bad” -stories that new generations hear in Finland. Tapio Rautavaara recorded the ballad in 1949. It tells about two lovers who have to live apart from each other, for the Goblins eyes  can’t take the sunlight and the Ray of light would quickly perish in the darkness. The old story of impossible love is as valid these days, as it ever was. The new fourth course written to follow the tragedy, questions the laconic way that defeat is presented in the original narrative.

Original title: Toinen yötä rakastaa
Picture ratio: 16:9
Duration: 04:57
Language: Finnish, English
Year: 2016
Credits: Hanna Arvela, Laura and the Bass, Sam Morris



































































































































































































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